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Skein Niffler: analytics creates new customers

Digital marketing analysts and managers spend up to 80% of their time looking for insights on their website and app usage statistics. The difference between the success and…

Building a Data Science company

Skein builds the tech behind

2017 Data Technology trends to transform your business: smart contracts, data mining and insight platforms

Financial analytics: UX that amplifies the product

Client: C24 Website:

Research phase in development projects

Bringing designs to life: view and comment on prototypes in Invision

At Skein we use Invision for sharing and visualising web and mobile app prototypes. Here is a one-minute overview of the main functionality. 1. In the SCREENS mode you…

TP-LINK team and Partner Portal built by Skein wins CRN Sales and Marketing awards

How Brexit may impact technology startups

How businesses use Crowd Science to innovate and grow sales

Skein’s CEO on technology business mentoring

Skein release TP-LINK partner portal

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