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[Photos] Skein: Office designed for innovation

We at Skein are dedicated to our values of innovation, discovery and impact in delivering stellar performance for our clients. These values are reflected in everything we do, and also in the design of our workplaces. Experience-driven economy is changing the way technology is designed and used, and Skein offices focus on creating an immersive experience for our and clients’ teams.

Our spacious new premises boast a conference area, gaming and relaxation space, and an amazing atrium. Although technology allows our team to work anywhere, the workplaces reflects the experiences that attract us in, a place we want to be.

Explore some of the photos below.

Create a space that people love


An experience is measured by reaction and the emotion it conjures up. Those sweet intangible moments leave us with enriched and filled with memories


The overall style is inspirational yet functional


Open-plan environment for collaboration and free flow of ideas


Design works for comfort and wellness


Ahead of the curve in parallel lines


Views of the historical skyline


Efficiency-infused furniture


The design was influenced by non-working trends. Supporting easy mode-switching is a key aspect of creating a great experience


Social spaces


Breakout space


Bringing creativity and comfort to the workplace


Food is very important to us 🙂


Great things are never done by just one person


We love what we do

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