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Variable Data Publishing project

Innovative VDP technology for personalized gifts. User research, product strategy, UX and build.

Research & Analytics
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The Challenge

Skein’s analytics and engineering teams were given the challenge of building a Variable Data Printing service for personalised books. Skein researched the competition, market, user, and build a platform using React and Python technologies and implemented advanced analytics.

What we have done
1. Research, discovery and analytics

At this stage we gathered and analysed data on key factors:

  1. User analysis: target market & segmentation, target audience
  2. Competitor research: social media audience analysis, web scraping, UX analysis
  3. Competitor benchmarking
  4. Media planning
  5. Analytics set up and tagging for enhanced eCommerce
Analytics toolbox
Social media scanning Facebook user groups analytics Competitor UX and user insights Google traffic data Adwords test
2. UX planning and design

The user research data translated into compelling, efficient user experience and user design.

3. Development / Technology stack
React Python Django HTML5 CSS3
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