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The expertise of our PhD-level research data science and engineering teams combined with sophisticated automation methods help you building and commercialising a unique intellectual property in the space of AI, data and machine learning.

The full cycle of tech innovation
Data and analytics
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Digital Technology Innovation
  • Planning of technology development
  • Strategic engineering roadmap and architecture
  • Third party API integration planning
  • Patents, IP protection
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Data and analytics
  • AI and Machine learning
  • Data infrastructure
  • Data Science modelling
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Design and prototyping, User Experience and User Interface
  • UX and UI Design
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Market testing
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Web development
  • Python
  • Spark and Big Data
  • ReactJS
  • HTML5 and hybrid mobile development
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Product launch
  • Go to market strategy.
  • Investor networks.
  • Hackathons.
  • Team hire.
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Success stories
User Data Infrastructure:
User Data Infrastructure:

Partner portal for the networking products provider TP-Link.

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Blockchain-enabled tools
Advanced data analytics for large financial organisations.
Blockchain-enabled tools

Advanced UX and front-end for a data analytics platform.

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Fashion Big Data:
Online fashion shopping engine.
Fashion Big Data:

A platform that transforms the way people shop for the cool.

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