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We help healthcare market leaders and challengers to stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technological solutions.

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We are on a mission to help you create breakthrough solutions that change the world. Skein is full-cycle: software engineers, intellectual property and market analysts, designers, product managers, web analytics & data specialists who work with you to research, plan, develop and scale up your technology.

How we work
Learn more about building an advanced tech that supports your vision.
1. Explore
Skein helps you to understand your long-term technological strategy and choose the best approach.
2. Plan
Select a best strategy for your innovation: assemble an in-house team, use an existing technology or outsource.
3. Build
When creating a bespoke technology is the best way forward, we work with you to develop it.
Completed projects

Whether you are a global brand or an ambitious start-up, we help you innovate, integrating seamlessly with your core processes and team for fast and scalable results.

Electronic Health Records
Developing technology for patient data collection, protection and sharing.
Electronic Health Records

Developing technology for patient data collection, protection and sharing.

Personal data
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User Data Infrastructure
Security, data ecosystem, sharing technology
User Data Infrastructure

Case-study: Partner portal for the networking products provider TP-Link.

Data infrastructure
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Advanced data analytics for large financial organisations.

Case-study: Advanced UX and front-end for a data analytics platform.

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Models of financing for health technology companies

Health innovation is becoming riskier, more idiosyncratic and often more expensive, so the market develops to allow alternative sources of finance in addition to the traditional private and public…

Life Data: the challenges of health data APIs

The developments in personalised medicine, bioinformatics and data-driven preventive healthcare mean that each person individually and the society as a whole can achieve the benefits of healthier, longer…

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