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We deliver AI and data technologies for the connected, distributed world of tomorrow.

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Leveraging our company’s over 13 years of experience in user-centred digital product development, Skein create breakthrough data technologies for healthy people and healthy planet.

Digital trials & care
Health Data Analytics Pipelines
Human Centered Data collection
User experience in Health AI
Distributed data infrastructure
Privacy, Security and Compliance
Data valuation
Market tests and academic collaborations
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Our research is led in partnership with top-rated and accredited institutions. Explore the published papers and practical implementations.
Electronic Health Records
Developing technology for patient data collection, protection and sharing.
Electronic Health Records

Developing technology for patient data collection, protection and sharing.

Personal data
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User Data Infrastructure
Security, data ecosystem, sharing technology
User Data Infrastructure

Case-study: Partner portal for the networking products provider TP-Link.

Data infrastructure
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Advanced data analytics for large financial organisations.

Case-study: Advanced UX and front-end for a data analytics platform.

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AI and Edge-Computing for health data networks

In today’s world efficiency of data exchange becomes critical: from the shift towards remote and preventive healthcare in order cope with health crises to the urgent need for energy efficiency to resist the…

Why data marketplace is critical for solving ageing crisis

Health is one of the priority UN Sustainable development goals. An objective measure of health is the duration of lifespan and healthspan. Governments across the world adopt health…

Skein wins a Horizon 2020 Grant

Skein are proud to be a winner of Horizon 2020, the biggest European Commission research and innovation programme. We will work with world-class universities and companies in UK…

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