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Skein: Blockchain Conference 2017

The invisible technology that changes the world… Blockchain opens more and more opportunities for business today, – that’s why Skein supports many activities dedicated to this technology. One of them was the ‘Blockchain Conference, Kyiv’ that was held on September 7, 2017.

In Blockchain Conference 2017, start-up founders, cryptographers, and financiers shared their opinions about innovative technologies, mostly about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. They talked about the use in everyday lives, businesses models, legal implications, ICOs (initial coin offerings), and also the implementation of blockchain technology in other industries.

There were two active stages during the event. The first stage was aimed at an in-depth understanding of the business processes using of cryptocurrency operators including a discussion on platforms that develop own tokens, like Ardor, Apla, and Monero. The lion’s share of the event was devoted to ICO.

The subject of Smart Contracts was also discussed. Smart Contracts are an effective solution for creating contracts with no involvement of lawyers or mediation of a judge.

The selection of topics at the second stage the was targeted at technical specialists who wanted to get acquainted with the work of cryptocurrencies’ API’s, tokens and tokenization, mining at home, blockchain technology in the real estate markets, and security gaps in the technology. Especially for the purposes of consulting these businesses and profiting from them.

Thanks to bitcoin, the world learns more about the opportunities of combining and sharing blocks of technologies.

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