• Technology for growth

    S-Analytix™ platform from Skein: market-wide analytic technology that finds growth opportunities for your business.

  • Understand your customer to build perfect technology for your business. Web and mobile development,
    the Skein way.

  • Actionable market insights

Digital Analytics

S-Analytix™ is a Web Intelligence Platform

We use the power of advanced technology and analytical minds to help you get more clients, find new opportunities and grow your business.


Get a clear view of your customers’ preferences and purchasing patterns, demand trends, competitor strategies and more.

CEOs and Founders

Evaluate market opportunities to reduce risks, make better strategic decisions and find new sources of growth.

Students and non-profits

Get unlimited access to resources that help you start a business and promote entrepreneurship.

The most advanced market intelligence

Get insight into:

  • • Your market size.
  • • Competitor market share.
  • • Customer demographic and trends.
  • • Most attractive regions for expansion.
  • • Other data critical for choosing right positioning and developing strategy.

Discover opportunities

Have a clear view of your market and customers.

We Help Businesses Like Yours Succeed

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