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Skein Niffler: analytics creates new customers

Digital marketing analysts and managers spend up to 80% of their time looking for insights on their website and app usage statistics.

The difference between the success and failure of a digital service often lies in figuring out what prevents users from buying products or engaging in other ways with a company’s product. To understand what the story is behind the data a marketing analyst needs years of experience and laborious hours to combine geographical, demographical and behavior data on multiple dimensions. These UX analytics techniques also change with time and are influenced by uncountable external parameters.

However, this is changing.  The traditional tools of manual analytics are being replaced by machine learning technologies that do all the work, and they do so in a matter of minutes not days.

To put it simply, this is the goal of Skein Niffler tool. It scouts gigabytes of site usage data to find hidden patterns of user interactions with the site and produce adjustment recommendations of landing pages, website navigational logic, and to present information that would maximize user engagement and conversions.

The program assesses the potential increase in conversions, and flags if there are user groups that behave differently and so require a special alternative user experience. 

Skein Niffler also hunts on patterns in customer page browsing to understand their intention and expectations and to recommend the structures that would serve multiple customers in effectively leading them to the intended actions.

Having artificial intelligence technology do the job of marketing specialists supports the overall trend of replacing functions of mid to senior level experts by automation software. Such advanced analytics programs are proving invaluable to those businesses that increasingly rely on customer data to make operational and product decisions, and who cannot always afford to maintain a team of experienced digital marketing analysts.

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