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Skein partners with Lifebit to deliver a bioinformatic workflow management platform

Lifebit, a British biotech company that works with Genomics England and Amazon Web Services on the next-generation research platform central to UK COVID-19 response, has partnered with Skein to build a workflow management system. It will assist global biopharma and academic researchers to easily create, share and collaborate on bioinformatic workflows, enabling a revolutionary approach to scalable, sharable and reproducible genomic analytics over very large sets of genomic and medical data.

A dedicated environment for scientists working on COVID-19 vaccines and treatments is implemented to support federated genomic analytics, an approach that creates a highly secure environment for collaborative drug discovery and treatment development. It will speed up researchers’ understanding of the underlying genetic factors that may explain what makes some patients more susceptible to viruses, or more severely ill when infected.

This project will ultimately also harness the GEL 100,000 Genomes Project data in the fight against cancer and rare diseases.

Skein is an international healthtech R&D agency headquartered in London, UK.

Lifebit is a London, UK company democratising our understanding of genomics and medical big data to leap forward cures and enhance life.