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Case-study: UK’s leading model advice service going web.

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The Challenge

Emily Fisher, an entrepreneur with 10 years’ experience, has envisioned an innovative business model that would allow aspiring models to easily catch the eye of leading agencies and develop their careers in the modelling world, and allow more influential members to benefit from their network reach and impact.

What we have done

Skein’s challenge was to create a fully functional platform featuring account and activity management functions. We also needed to meet very tight deadlines dictated by the competitive go-to-market requirements of the business environment the client’s startup was breaking into. Additionally, instead of having a fixed feature list, our team kept development agile to allow for a more dynamic user experience (UX) and to give a structure that allows on-going testing and system adjustments.

To ensure a good position in search engine results, the Skein team conducted on-site SEO optimisation addressing structure, markup, site load speed and other actions that enabled the new service to be quickly indexed by Google and ranked on the first page for several high-traffic terms.

UX planning and design


Technology and tools
HTML5 JavaScript Adobe Illustrator sAnalytix PHP Wordpress Payment: GoCardless MailChimp integration

The new service has proven to be very popular among the target audience and has attracted the interest of investors for the next stage of the startup’s development.


It has been a real pleasure working with the team at Skein. They are technically excellent and 100% reliable, understanding the importance of being agile and moving quickly. Their professionalism goes beyond their technical knowledge and they have really taken the time to understand the businesses objectives. This has allowed them to provide me with invaluable support and technical guidance whenever it has been needed. I would recommend Skein to any company. They have been pivotal in launching our platform.

Emily Fisher, Founder, We Are Models
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