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Teslasuit: virtual reality reinvented

Research & Analytics
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The Challenge

Teslasuit is the world’s first full-body haptic feedback, motion capture, thermo controlled suit.

During the first stage of the prototype development, the company behind Teslasuit, Tesla Studios, aimed to quickly define a niche positioning and become the monopolist in the expanding haptic response market for the VR industry. Additionally, they were looking to raise a multi-million dollar seed investment round to support fast scale up and market entry.

The client’s team was facing the following challenges:

  • Find an optimal product design and features prioritisation
  • Close investment deals under tight timelines
  • Align the startup resources with investors’ expectations
  • Plan demand
  • Plan operational budget
The process

Skein conducted market and user feedback research, built financial projections and evaluated the impact of various scenarios on customer adoption and business success.

Research and analytics

First, we gathered information about the founders’ business goals and discussed various scenarios for growth. At the next stage, Skein applied proprietary information gathering tools to model customer demand, current and future competitor trends, and external economic factors.

Product positioning research helped to uncover user preferences and clarify the product-market fit.

Project planning: financials and user demand

At the next stage, we built a mathematical model, dashboard, and visual modeling to gauge possible threats and opportunities. Also, provide client team with decision-making tools, as well as data analytics for investors.

Financial projections covered:

  • Scenarios and economic assumptions model
  • Five-year financial projections
  • Five-year monthly Profits & Loss plan
  • User adoption scenarios: company development and growth models based on given assumptions, such as fundraising milestones, marketing investments, conversion rates
  • Sensitivity analysis: evaluated what variables have the biggest impact on startup financial model
  • Break-even analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
Investor-ready two-page investment plan

At this stage we worked closely with the client to present the market opportunity to the investor and negotiate the terms. This included:

  • User testing results
  • Market research: Define the market potential and user demand
  • Key industry trends and indicators
  • Factors that impact demand growth and estimates
  • Competition, ecosystem
  • Product summary, financials summary
  • Plan and milestones
  • Custom design for investment summary
pitch document


Tools and methods Simply Measured MS Excel custom macros Google Analytics Keyword research Market insights from analysts Industry reports Social network data analysis

Tesla Studios has secured an investment from a wide range of investors, crowdfunding and grants.

Winner, $100K prize.
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