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Case-study: Analytical platform and a digital PPC strategy for a leading content provider.

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The Challenge

Travel Weekly Group is a leading information provider and event company in the UK serving the international B2B travel industry. Travel Weekly has more then 30 web properties, and all of them have complex user conversion funnels, multiple action triggers and source traffic, all needing to be tracked correctly and presented to users within multiple roles within the organisation. Adobe Omniture SiteCatalyst was the legacy system that was both expensive and for tagging and tracking their sites. Our challenge was to create a system for fast and efficient visitor analytics, simplifying reports, improving decision making and creating filters to make the data clear and understandable.

What we have done

One of the challenges was to move the current setting from Omniture to Google Analytics. We’ve created Google Tag Manager containers for websites that needed to be tracked. Inside Tag Manager we’ve set up a convenient structure for domains, subdomains, directories and subdirectories and link to Google Analytics properties accordingly. For each GA view we created around 20 filters to make the traffic data clear and easy to understand. For the most strategic websites we’ve created smart goals in Google Analytics and set up events in GTM.

1. Analytics and requirement gathering

Skein analysed all websites’ codebase and usage reports, reviewed Omniture tracking codes and parameters. We’ve confirmed with Travel Weekly goals for each website, KPIs and researched user profiles.

2. Communication

Skein created shared dynamic documents with tags and tracking formation for each website. Client and Skein could easily share progress data, comments and questions with each other.

2. Implementation

Implementation required active coordination of the client’s IT team work and Skein analytics specialists. Skein helped to make the process clear by providing full information on:

  • How to add Tag Manager codes to Angular.JS websites;
  • What codes are needed for each specific website;
  • Quick response and support if there were any issues or questions.
3. Support

When all codes, filters and goals were set up, Skein ran testing sessions for the analytic system to be sure everything worked correctly, answered all client questions and solved issues. The client received a manual of what has been done and how it should work.


As a result, we had a comprehensive digital analytics system with five accounts in Google Analytics, near 30 properties and GTM containers for each website, 100 views with more than 20 smart filters. The client team has correct traffic information without spam and issues from the technical side and is able to make critical marketing and strategy decisions faster and more efficiently, which reflects in improved business performance.

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