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Case-study: Partner portal for the networking products provider TP-Link.

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The Challenge

TP-Link is one of the largest providers of network equipment in the world. Since the beginning, the company has strived to build strong relationships with their Customers and Partners. By working side-by-side with the TP-Link team, we were able to significantly increase the reach of the TP-Link Partner Program by reducing the time-consuming manual processes which left more time for TP-Link to build relationships with their partners.

The process

Skein’s main goal was to improve existing business processes and build the web-based partners portal that allows partners to keep abreast of the latest company updates.

The system’s objectives are:

  • Informing users about new products, promotions, marketing campaigns.
  • Structuring of the products depending on marketing campaigns and sales volumes.
  • Automation of periodic financial statements for external partners and internal departments of the company.
  • Community support of the TP-Link UK resale partners.

Our process was separated into several major stages:

1. Team integration stage

We coordinated at all levels the requirement gathering phase. Our project management platform played an important role in making sure all assets and discussions are managed effectively within a single space, and are solved promptly while engaging all the key stakeholders.


2. Analytics

We have considered requirements and business needs and transformed them into product development plan, which contains competitor research, technical research, and an algorithm of further product improvement.


We have to create the consistent solution to fill the need of all users types and cover full list of goals and tasks. Skein implemented required custom CRM system using following technology stack:

Python Django JavaScript PostgreSQL HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap jQuery

We have supported partners and departments of TP-Link on after-release stage from technical and business points of view. It helped us understand the user’s feedback and response to the product, so we can further iterate and improve the platform.


The TP-LINK team developed closer relationships with partners, had more direct conversations, provided better product education and coordinated more closely with its sales teams through the updated web product.

The new portal enables partners to access the key information they need to integrate into their marketing campaigns. All the knowledge they need is now available in a single place. As a result, TP-Link significantly increased its partner base and turnover.

In 2016, TP-LINK won Best Partner Programme of the Year at the CRN Sales and Marketing awards and the partner portal was the basis of the entry.

Best Partner Programme
Best Vendor Marketing Team

Skein took our brief and transformed it into a flexible tool that we can keep up to date and adapt as the partner programme evolves. is the foundation of our partner programme, it enables us to automate a lot of time consuming manual processes so there is more time to build relationships with our partners.

Emma Lattimer, Head of Marketing, TP-Link
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