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Mobile apps and content delivery

Case-study: User discovery and prototyping for Sky Kids.

Mobile apps
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The Challenge

Sky is an international media and telecommunications company. Their Sky Kids mobile app provides shows and games for the younger audience. Personalisation of content and user experience is a major factor leading to success in this diverse and demanding market and an important feature of Sky Kids’ popularity. Sky tasked Skein with creating an app prototype that would enable fast iterative user discovery and personalisation of the content.


The Solution

Skein conducted in-depth research and worked closely with the client design and product team in developing a mobile app that is an engaging experience for kids of all ages. A major part was making sure that the content stays relevant via implementation of the profile personalisation. The prototype was used for iterative user testing, which along with speed and agility and a pixel-perfect level of execution were critical for this success.

1. Technology Development

The Skein front-end team designed the application using React Native, Redux and external data APIs. Despite using a fast-deployment process, the resulting app fully recreated the native iOS experience. We also employed a sprint based process using Agile as the process management methodology.

2. The Team

Skein worked in close collaboration with the Sky design and product teams, coordinating project management and development. The regular schedule of conference calls, face to face meetings and real-time Slack communication, helped us to maintain a high-pace, low-waste schedule and deliver multiple versions of the app ready for user testing.

3. Technology stack
React Native Redux Sketch
The Results

As a result, the Sky team successfully tested the application and found the ideal product-market fit. The Skein team supported the client through all stages, including requirements gathering, development, user test session support and implementation of the user feedback.


Skein’s professional but personable approach combined with expert knowledge makes them very effective at prototyping mobile experiences. Skein’s prototype was instrumental in validating design solutions, presenting it across the business and has enabled us to build an app that is right for our customers’ needs and behaviours. Their communication throughout the process was also very clear and structured, which made it very easy to manage scope, timelines and stakeholder expectations.

Jose Alves, Creative Director at Sky
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