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Science and Research

Case-study:  Open-sourced Crowd Science project for one of the world’s oldest libraries.

Research & Analytics
The Challenge

Skein worked with an open-source project created at one of Europe’s oldest universities as a part of a research and digitisation project. Its principal aim was to map the structure of the collection of books and manuscripts through the crowd sources transcription, as well as analyse the paper catalogue.

What we have done

Skein backend engineering teach used the EuroLib API integration and Pybossa open-source crowdsourcing soltiuon to adjust and integrate into the University platform. We also implemented additional functionalities such as User Groups.



Skein built and adjusted the open source code and data systems providing complete development for the project including the backend and frontend.

The platform was successfully launched and continues to deliver scalable, real-human contributions, to the task of digitising the vast University library records.

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