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Case-study: Advanced UX and front-end for a data analytics platform.

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The Challenge

The company

C24Tech offers a revolutionary new way to address the challenge of securing and optimising financial transactions for banks and other institutions. This method provides a holistic infrastructure for transactional data ingestion, management and analytics.

C24Tech created a suit of tools with a high-end Java-based backend to solve complex challenges that large financial organisations are facing today. They found it a challenge to transfer this technology into a marketable product that successfully addresses clients’ needs.

The market

SWIFT messaging between financial organisations requires an efficient solution that would help spot and predict risky transactions. Finding such a solution would create many options for creating new multi-billion service markets.

The action

C24 Technologies wanted to take advantage of this opportunity. To do so, they needed an intuitive, functional and technically versatile implementation of the technology and translating it into a marketable product. This is when they called in the Skein team to help.

The results

  • Commercial contracts.
  • Successful exit via an acquisition.

Read below to find out how this was done.

What we did
1. Research and discovery phase

To create a modern, ergonomic design for their user interface, our Skein team first delve deep into the specifics of C24Tech’s sphere, including reviewing SWIFT message file formats and the nuances of financial data flow. We studied six basic user personae profiles to get into the mindset of the Chief Data Officer, Citizen Scientist, Business Analyst and other types of technical and non-technical users who will use the product for very different objectives.

Our UX designer and front-end engineers, as well as the rest of our team, know it’s essential to have an in depth knowledge of user needs. To gain this expertise, we captured and internalised client and end user feedback on an ongoing basis.

Competition research also provided us with an insight into the existing systems and helped us develop approaches to visualisation techniques, as well as UX flow, colour schemes, and technology stacks.

At this stage, we calculated the scope of the work needed, completed the preliminary requirements and confirmed an action plan.

2. UX planning and design

While planning the UX, the Skein team considered the various user personas and the modularity of C24Tech’s system. We worked in close collaboration with the C24Tech’s team at every stage, from interdependency algorithms to the wireframes for user interface elements to final designs in Adobe Illustrator and front-end implementation.


3. User interface

AngularJS front-end framework was selected as the most suitable for its flexibility and scalability. When working on this stage of UX, UI and front-end implementation, we discovered that developing framework with flexible, iterative sprints was the best approach.

The core principles that were used in this project:

  • Focus on reusing existing code, employing open source and third party modules are set to speed up iterations.
  • Crate a design that captures and defines the market problem; and build a relevant solution.
  • Align technology roll-out with customer development, marketing, operations, financial strategy and investor relations.
4. Development / Technology stack

Skein developed the front-end component for C24Tech’s system using AngularJS to interact with the Java back-end. It used an innovative low-level data optimisation techniques and ultra-efficient data compaction. C24Tech’s system is now able to increase its available capacity of in-memory solutions, such as Hazelcast, GemFire, Coherence, Ehcache and Gigaspaces, plus big data tools including Apache Spark and Hadoop, by up to 50 times. As a result of the optimised data, query speed was significantly improved. The front-end improvement also meant an increase in a positive user experience and in greater customer involvement in terms of system interactions with the front-end component.


AngularJS NVD3 HTML5 CSS3 Backend Java integrations

C24Tech released the product and achieved a high market traction. The focus on market fit based on user feedback boosted the UX discovery process and ultimately delivered the product faster. Skein helped C24Tech identify economic opportunities with viable market pull through an iterative design.

Our approach enables continuous UX discovery, faster iteration and better product fit for C24Tech’s needs, helping them save time and budget.

A few months after the UX update C24 announced a successful exit via a trade sale to Gresham Computing plc.

Completion of Acquisition of C24 Technologies Ltd


The SKEIN team have been a breath of fresh air. They have a relentless focus on doing what’s best for the user, and a superb eye for detail. Just as important, the team are not afraid to say “No” to us when they see us adding superfluous features with no benefit to the user. They’ve ensured our product remains user focused, with a clean design and we’re delighted with the results.

Adrian Ade Risidore, Chief Marketing Officer, C24Tech
Ade Risidore, Chief Marketing Officer, C24Tech
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