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Improve User Experience and bottom-line performance with intelligent usage insights.

AI Analytics Assistant

Meet Nifflir. Nifflir is your neural network pet. It sieves via terabytes of data that describes how your real users interact with your website and digs out the precious insights. It clusters, categorises and segments your customers, so you know how to adjust UX, page structure and content. Your visitors now understand the value of your offering and go directly to the intended action: buy, engage or sign-up.

User analytics is simple. User analytics is Nifflir.

The first intelligent user segmentation robot

Save your time using Nifflir data analytics algorithms. It was trained by a team of AI experts and now serves dozens of worlds leading companies. Free, effortless, and no installation is required.

Pages and screens behaviour

Find out why users leave and increase the number of engaged users. Define your most important landing pages; determine the problems with the user path and get advice on how to improve the UX.

User clustering

We created a unique artificial intelligence algorithm that clusters groups of users with different goals, defines number of user groups on your website and performs clustering and provides clusters’ descriptive analysis, determining how to adjust the UX for each cluster to maximise business results.

Cross-device customer experience

Based on a comparative analysis of mobile and desktop, this module provides an assessment of the quality of user experience on mobile devices; predicts the number of additional conversions that mobile UX optimisation can generate and provides possible ways of optimisation.

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Product geniuses
Creative innovators
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Grow revenue and customer base

Customers, customers, customers. Precision UX optimisation and fast results.

Develop product and innovate

Improve design and user experience, generate assumptions for tests.

Improve marketing

Everyone is either your user or a perspective user. Know your clients and target them better.

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Is it easy to start? Yes! Because Nifflir connects to already existing data from Google Analytics, there are no tags for you to install, no complicated set-up processes or waiting. Just connect and start using right now.

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